Mind Based Weight Loss

I have spent the last two years developing my Mind Based Weight Loss programme.

I know it works because I lost 3 stone using it and I know it will work for you!

The Mind Based Weight Loss programme targets 3 key areas - Mind, Food & Body. By targeting these 3 areas we can dramaticly increase your chances of getting you to your ideal weight - and staying there.


I believe that over eating always has an emotional element. If you don't tackle the underlying emotional cause you will never loose and keep off your excess weight. That's where most weight loss programmes and diets fail. They just work with the symptom - over weight. They don't deal with the underlying emotional cause. My Mind Based Weight Loss programme uses hypnotherapy to find the underlying cause and deal with it once and for all. Most people don't even know that they have an underlying emotional cause, let alone what it is.

It's like a tape in an old fashioned tape player. This tape has been playing in your subconcious for years. The trigger for this is usually an event in your past that caused you some trauma and this trauma caused you to unconciously turn to food for comfort. Together we find the tape and gently change it to one that's beneficial to you - one that deals with the underlying cause once and for all and removes the unconcious need to find comfort in over eating.


What’s really in our food?

What makes us crave sugar and flour?

The food element of my Mind Based Weight Loss programme is all about education – not dieting.

Together we will look at the foods you eat. We will examine what those foods are really doing for you – good and bad. You may be surprised to hear that there are foods that actually help your metabolism burn what you eat as energy and reduce the amount of fat in your body, so introducing some of these into your diet is obviously very beneficial. We will also look at Superfoods and how to use them properly.

I believe that giving you the knowledge to make informed choices around food is the most effective way to lose weight. Food education that leads to the best choices and outcomes for you is the key – not dieting!


Probably the most feared part of any weight loss programme is the exercise element!

Well I have some good news – with my Mind Based Weight Loss programme you exercise for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. That’s it, 45 minutes a week, but the workout you’ll be doing is proven to burn fat faster than any other exercise. It’s called Rest Based Exercise. It’s pushing yourself to your absolute limit and then resting until you feel able to go again.

Together we will explore lots of different Rest Based Exercises and find the ones that perfectly fit your metabolism.

It only takes 4 weeks to complete the Mind Based Weight Loss programme. Just imagine in 4 weeks you could be on your way to a new you - a slimer, healthier, more confident you!

Call me today to get started or to find out more.